About ISFiT Ambassadors

ISFiT Ambassadors

The organization ISFiT has many different projects going on throughout the year, and this year ISFiT Ambassadors will be one of them. This is a project for those who want to be a part of ISFiT in their own country. Do you want to contribute to build ISFiT 2015? Or maybe you just want a kickstart to whats going to be an amazing time, as a participant? why not be an ambassador? It doesn't matter if you're a contestant this year, a previous contestan or just want to contribute. We want ISFiT to be worldknown, and we need your help!

As mentioned on the site About ISFiT, this years theme is corruption. This is an issue that occurs in one way or another, all around the globe. As an international ambassador you will get the chance to share your stories and experiences, and help us spread the word about ISFiT all around the world!

As an IA you will recieve tasks that we want you to do, as a fun and creative way to spread ISFiT and our message in your country. The most creative and outstanding ambassador will get the chance to share their work and may even be promoted to a premium ambassador. If this sounds like something you would like to be a part of, apply here.

 Contact isfit.ambassadors@isfit.org for more information. 

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  1. How Can I become an Isfit Ambassador/? Your link give in "apply here" doesnt seem to be working.