ISFiT World Tour Southeast Asia #3 University of the Philippines

Thursday 22nd 2014

After waking up at our excellent host and having breakfast, we went to see ISFiT-ambassador Nino. Finally, we where to meet and trade ideas with local students!

Early moring, outside our host's place in Pasig, one of the cities in Metro Manila

                           Riding a bicycle cab to meet with Nino and Kim 

We are making quite a lot of film for you guys, and with the newly aquired gopro always stiched to his head, Marius is having the time of his life. 

Nino took us to The University of the Philippines (UP), to show us around on the campus, which is really big, at least compared to our home university. The campus was beautiful and we had a long a long walk there. He is a writer, and gave us an introduction to the politics, culture and history of the Philippines. We also had pork intestines and mango juice for lunch.

Nino, Elise and Marius on the UP campus

On the campus we met up with students from the university, member of Global Shapers and Good Governance Initiative, both of which we got to know on the PACI conference. In addition Allan Pangilian, leader of the Freedom of Information Youth Initiative, met us on the universty campus. His youth organization is working to implement an act that will give everyone the righ to have insight in the government processes. Also meeting us on the campus was a group of young writers from UP, that shared their thoughts on the current political situation in their country. 

When we left the university we promised Nino that of course we would find our way back to our host, and no, you really don't have to come with us. It took us about three times as long, and twice as many different means of transportation to get us home, than what Nino had told us was necessary. Partly thanks to my stubborness as I am a strong believer in public transport. Also when you are crossing a city with almost 12 million people, you have been there for less than 48 hours, you don't have a map, and the closest you have to an adress is "By the McDonald's on Rodriguez Avenue". The usual answer was "Rodriquez Avenue is very long, ma'm". I can add that there are many hamburger-stores as well. 

Anyway, we made it back and now it's time to sleep. 

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