ISFiT World Tour Guatemala #4 Q&A

I asked the students in Guatemala City if they could help me answer some questions. Each question was based on the workshops of ISFiT 2015, and the overall theme was corruption. Here are some of the answers! 

Feel free to comment and give your answer. 

1) What is corruption?

Corruption is an illegal behavior that goes against the judicial order and values of the society, it creates big problems in the society which later will affect the whole nation.

Corruption is a world wide problem, it is people who put there own interest above others and abuse situations and persons. It goes against the norms, laws, moral and rights in a country or place.

Corruption is an activity that has a negative impact in the society. It is frequently not punished by law, this is because so many corrupt people are involved in the judicial system.

2) How can education be a counterweight to corruption?

Good education in schools and universities show the students the importance of honesty and good values, which in the future might help people avoid falling into corruption.

Children should be educated from an early age so they learn the difference of right and wrong, in that way will they be able to make correct decisions in the future.

Education is the root that has to be planted to gain the best development.

With an academic education will people aspire more in life than to earn money. The most important is to learn moral and ethics from an early age so people understand that ones act doesn’t just affect one self, but everyone around you.

3) How can we use art to spread awareness of corruption? 

Young people are today more interested in visual information, so maybe through dancing or work of art can they get to know more about corruption. 

By making advertisement about corruption to make people reflect about the issue. 

4) How would you use a camera to tell a story about corruption?

I would take photo’s of the people who are working in the government, because there is a lot of corruption here in Guatemala. An other way could be to take pictures of all the poor people living in the villages, this will show the extreme inequalities between the rich (10%) and the poor (90%).

I would have taken pictures of the corrupt people, on each photograph would I have written a story telling the truth about that person. Or, I would take pictures of  the living conditions in corrupt countries to show the reality.

5) How can young entrepreneurs find support for their ideas without being corrupt? 

It is important to have a good mentor, today there also exist a lot of support programs and social networks where one can launch and exchange ideas. 

Schools and universities should have motivating campaigns for new ideas and support their students and their work in order to avoid corruption and concrete action points.

6) Is democracy the solution to fight corruption? Why / Why not? 

Yes, because it’s the best way of creating an order against corruption, but only if really implemented.

Yes, because democracy in justice, and justice is the opposite of corruption. 

7) What defines a suitable host for the olympic games, the world cup etc?

One should look at the economic situations and needs within in the country. There should not only be a voting, but also be a prior analysis regarding the investment costs needed.

8) What laws should be obeyed when businesses are crossing national boarders?

Both international and local actors must respect the same laws, so that the local producers will not be outmaneuvered.

9) Is corruption a third world problem? Why / Why not?

Yes, because it stops the development in a country, it doesn't do anything good to people. 

I do think so, but not only the third world, it affects everyone everywhere. 

Yes, because in countries with high welfare people don't see it as necessary to do illegal stuff to survive.

10) How can fighting corruption reduce poverty worldwide?

Through education will children learn about the good sides in life, and they will learn that war, injustice and corruption is no good.  

Through having honest politicians, who don’t use the system in their favor, might fight the organized criminality and create a better and more balanced society.

11) How can corruption in healthcare systems affect the global health? 

In each country where corruption is current, can one see an effect on the health system. Because the taxes that was meant to be used on health goes in someone else’s pockets. The local effect corruption has on health care, will always have a global effect.

- Kristine

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