You can be a part of the International Student Festival in Trondheim already this Friday, May 9th 2014.

The ISFiT president 2015, Marius Jones, invites you to a live videoconference where he will talk about the festival and this year’s theme. This videoconference will be the first of many live shows preceding the festival. ISFiT wants to connect with you from Trondheim, and through an interactive session you will be able to participate and ask questions.

What is ISFiT? And why is the festival addressing the issue of corruption? What will be this year’s workshops? Why should you volunteer as an ISFiT ambassador? Why should you apply as a participant? And where is Trondheim…?

I am sure you have a lot of questions, and you now have the opportunity to ask Marius and other volunteers.

We want your opinions. We want your selfie. And we want you to #tradeyourideas with us.

We’ll all meet online, May 9th at 16.00 GMT+2 (New York: 10.00 am) on – see you there!

Kristine Bjartnes - New York

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