ISFiT World Tour: An introduction

Welcome onboard to the very first ISFiT World Tour! 

For the next ten days ISFiT will visit the Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand, and we hope you will come with us. 

The idea behind the International Student Festival in Trondheim is to provide an arena where student from all over the world can meet and discuss important contemporary issues. It is a place where the leaders of today meet the leaders of tomorrow and share ideas on how to create a better future for young people in the world. 

Now ISFiT is boarding on a world tour. We want to meet you and hear your story and your ideas. With this we can encourage young people to continue to share ideas worldwide. ISFiT is an international student festival. Thus ideas and perspectives from all over the world are valuable to the festival. It is important for us to include your ideas and perspectives when we are planning the upcoming ISFiT, which takes place in February 2015. 

The theme for ISFiT 2015 is corruption. Corruption is an obstacle to political and economic development and a global challenge that calls for a global solution. A corrupt system undermines democracy and creates a breeding ground for insurgency and criminality. To work against corruption means to challenge the attitudes that sustain the corrupt system. When students from all over the world exchange ideas on this topic we believe that together we can be in the forefront in the fight against corruption. How do you think students of today can unite to reduce corruption? 

ISFiT is also about cultural understanding. The festival gathers students from more than 100 different countries. During the world tour we would like to take part in the culture of the countries that we visit. Thus we will encourage the people we meet to challenge us to take part in some events or taste some food that is unique for their country. What is your challenge to us? 

ISFiT World Tour begins in Manila. Here we will be attending a meeting during World Economic Forum. The meeting is about youth and anti-corruption. From Manila we will go to Jakarta, Indonesia and Singapore. However our program is not settled yet, because hopefully you have some ideas on where we should go. We would like to learn more about culture and anti-corruption work, and to meet students that want to share their ideas. What should we do and who should we meet? 

Will you join the World Tour and trade your ideas?. We look forward to meeting you and hearing your ideas! 

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- Marius (president of ISFiT 2015) and Elise (Head of Theme, ISFiT 2015) 

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