ISFiT World Tour Guatemala #2 First day in Guatemala City

Finally in Guatemala!  

Two wonderful international ambassadors (and a dog) have given me the warmest welcome! Varinia picked me up at the airport, introduced me to the local food and brought me to the city center for a walk. Gerardo invited us for dinner with his parents and siblings, and I was finally able to practice my Spanish again. Varinia and Gerardo have introduced me to both the struggles and good sides of their country, and I am very excited to learn more about Guatemala tomorrow. Varinia works for the Autonomous Sport Confederation of Guatemala and I will join her for work tomorrow and talk to some of her colleagues.  Maybe they have something interesting to say about corruption in Guatemala? Later Gerardo will take me to the Universidad del Valle de Guatemala, where I will visit campus, meet the students and listen to their ideas.  

Hasta pronto

- Kristine

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