ISFiT World Tour Southeast Asia #5 Workshop at the University of Indonesia

Saturday the 24th of May

Today we got up early to prepare for one of our biggest event on this tour, a workshop with the students at the University of Indonesia.

Here we met ut with five participants from ISFiT 2013; Johannes, Cita, Rahmat, Septian and Deilika. They had done a great job organizing an ISFiT session on the university campus. We talked about ISFiT and the theme corruption. We also had a session where the former ISFiT participants told about their ISFiT experience. Among the highlights were the skiing day and the workshops.and an QA about ISFiT and the theme corruption.

"These former ISFiT-participants helped us out with the workshop planning"

We also had a small ISFiT workshop with different methods.The ISFiT people reading this blog will be familiar with hi-ha-ho and speed debate. We also had a method for project planning, where the students identified different challenges regarding the fight against corruption and came up with different strategies to meet these challenges.It was a great experience to meet up with the students here and share ideas on this years theme! 
"Trading ideas with students in Jakarta. Alot of great input that we will take back to Norway"

Participating in the workshop was Hana Maulida, Head of Program division for the organization Future Leader for Anti-Co
rruption (FLAC). They work with anticorruption in Indonesia. What they do is that they use different methods teach children about anti corruption, or more importantly, about the values that will promote transparency and integrity. Maulida tells us that her favorite method is storytelling. Through storytelling the children will learn about morality and the importance of honesty. We were very impressed by what they had accomplished so far.

A big thanks to our amazing organizers at the University of Indonesia! 

- Elise and Marius

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